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Artifacts of the Excavation: Exhibits from a Minimalist Lifestyle

Written by Life

This post is dedicated to Rusty Farrell, CEO at Truematter, who told me several months ago that he “appreciates my minimalist lifestyle”.

I thought about that comment far longer than I’m sure Rusty intended. I examined everything I own with a new eye, wondering “Being a minimalist and all, do I really need this?”.  But when, during the early stages of packing up the house for my upcoming move, I found my plastic silver cat amputee ashtray with inbuilt fan (more on that exciting development below), I decided that, no, minimalism is probably not an ism I have any claim to. (more…)

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The Road Back to Beijing

Written by Travel

South Carolina

I remember the first time I landed in China. Almost 10 years ago now, I stepped off the plane in Changchun airport to the sounds of construction and the mewling of oxcarts. “Dude,” I thought, “oxcarts”. You know nothing, Jon Snow. (more…)

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Ritz Fresh Stacks: A Crispy, Buttery Love Letter

Written by Life

Posted from: South Carolina

Dear Nabisco / whichever multi-tentacled overlord conglomerate company owns your delicious Ritz cracker brand at the moment:

It’s rare that I get so excited about cracker packaging, but your new Ritz Fresh Stacks (tee em) have given me a new lease on consumption.

Everyone has their little quirks when it comes to food.  Some people hate pecans. Some people are sexually attracted to breaded chicken wings. And I have a tumultuous relationship with snack boxes.

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SouthEast LinuxFest

Written by Tech

So, I’m waaay late in reporting on this one, but a few of the Columbia, SC LUG guys and I spent at the first annual Southeast Linux Fest this year, and it was packed with so much perfect frosted dorkery, I came home all, “OHAI <husband>, if time == now then feedKendra(lasagna, salad) or die”.

Kyle nursed me back to English-speaking, pop-culture health with a steady diet of tabloid articles about Kirsty Alley’s weight gain and the horrific blog posts about Duke leaving Freezepop. (more…)

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Megalomaniac on the Dunes

Written by Life

Posted from: Charleston, South Carolina

South Carolina, staring off toward Europe: The last time I went to the beach, it was in California with a boy so delicate he balked at the sandcrabs.

I’m by myself here now. I follwed the map Page lent me to a boardwalk (see: walk made of boards) that rolled over baby dunes, and swallowed on both sides, but not ceilinged, with a plant I couldn’t name. It went up over sand and and down over still puddles of salt water risen out of the ground. And then it opened, and I knew the sky had never been so wide. (more…)

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