Plan by Decibel

Single page Parallax (Skrollr) site for wedding coordination firm Plan (by Decibel Management).

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As a designer, you have these beautiful dreams where one of your clients just kind of waves some money at you and says “do whatever, experiment like crazy, and take as long as you want”.

It’s not that designing in a silo makes sense most of the time, or that I expect to get that kind of carte blanche from everyone (particularly first-time clients), and collaboration is definitely a beautiful thing. But sometimes, when you really get the project and you know you could do something off the charts, you just wanna grab the mouse, do a little channeling-the-color-wheel-gods dance and go to town.

Being granted that kind of leeway is usually indicative of years of trust and collaboration. I’ve worked with the management team at Decibel for several years, and I just kinda love them to death.  The Plan branding and website was a result of a whole lot of “sure, why not give it a try?” on their part. It took longer than it should should have for a single page site, it involved a lot of experimentation, but I was pleased as punch when the design was done, and I think they were as well.
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I’m not much of a photographer most of the time, but the photo on the home page was actually taken by me at a friend’s castle wedding in the Czech Republic. I was using it as a design placeholder, but it just kind of dawned on me was kind enough to let me use the photo as a landing page.

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