Art Direction and desktop interface design for Beijing-based architecture firm.

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Fonts are kind of everything, aren’t they? You find the right one, and then you just can’t do without it.

The Gejianzhu site – crafted with the team at flow.asia – is still, I believe, in development as I post this, but this is definitely one of my favorite designs of the year: an essentially minimalist, typography-dependent layout that does a decent job of capturing the experimentalist vibe of the company it represents.

When we trudged into the meeting at Gejian, it was hard not to be struck by the comfortable¬†balance of hominess and precision in the atmosphere and the building itself. They’ve got this little pond in the central courtyard that attracts hundreds of bees from a nearby hive, and everyone’s utterly unbothered by it: the Gejian staff and the busy little guys hang out in relative symbiosis.

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