10 Free Grunge File Type Icons

Fresh from the labs: 10 free grunge file extension icons in .png format. All icons are 56×56 px. File types include: zip, url, png, eps, doc, docx, jpg, mov, mp3, pdf.


117 Free Tiny Icons – For Personal or Select Commercial Use

Free Tiny Icon Set

The set contains 117 free mini pixel icons in two sizes, 20x20px and 16x16px. The format is .png. Each icon is less than 1KB in size.

I’ve done small icons before, usually 20×20, but this is my first go at a 16×16 set. Some of these, like the speakers, film strip, and web cam icons, are dark, and won’t work well on a black background, but the majority of this set should do just fine.


10 Free Chinese Paper Lantern Brushes for Photoshop & GIMP

Chinese Paper Lantern Brushes

This file contains 10 high-resolution Asian lantern GIMP and photoshop brushes. Same 10 brushes, two formats (one .abr set for Photoshop, 10 separate .gbr files for GIMP).

Free RPG Graphics: 13 Glossy Spell Icons for your Game or Site


Don’t ask me why I made these – I don’t design games. But I do have a special place in my heart for everything fantasy.

I couldn’t get these to be 100% vector, as the finishing touches are mostly done in Photoshop, so I’m afraid you can’t have the .eps file with this one. But you do get 13 153x153px fantasy icons for your game or website.

51 Free Classic Victorian Christmas Photoshop Brushes


This set contains vintage Christmas-themed brushes pulled from uncopywrited Project Gutenberg books dating from 1800-1920. The majority of the brushes show scenes from a Victorian Christmas, and this set includes brushes from popular holiday books.

Brush sizes range from 200px – 2500px, but mostly weight in at 400px-700px.

Happy Holidays.

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