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21 Free GIMP Brushes: Chinese Symbols


For your open source graphic design delight, I give you 21 high-res Chinese calligraphy GIMP brushes. This set includes 20 Mandarin (modern Chinese) character brushes and one extra-large scroll brush that can be used as a background. Each brush file is named with an English translation of the symbol’s meaning.

If you’re going for authenticity, these can’t really double as Japanese brushes, as they use the modern post-Mao character set, but if you’re audience is English-speaking and can’t tell the difference, they’re close enough.

Includes one of each: love, peace, longevity, prosperity, father, mother, house, friendship, earth, wind, fire, water, Buddhism, deity, dream, courage, dragon, tiger, patience and trust.

These brushes were created in GIMP 2.6.7. To use them, go to your GIMP directory, and find the Share > gimp > 2.0 > Brushes file, then paste all of the .gbr files included in my brush set into that directory. Then either re-start GIMP, or refresh the GIMP brushes palette to see and begin using the brushes.

20 Free Photoshop Checkmark Brushes


This is a very simple photoshop brush pack with 20 high-res checkmark designs. Brush sizes range from around 800px – 1100px. Most are solid black (opaque), a couple of the textured brushes are mildly transparent.

As usual, these are free to use for commercial or personal projects, but please don’t re-package these for re-sale.

Created with Photoshop CS3.

10 Free Photoshop Brushes – Audio Levels and Mixer Effects


Three cheers for the guy operating the Cthulu-esque sound equipment.

This brush pack celebrates everything audio with eight audio levels brushes, one crossfade brush and a set of mixer knobs thrown in for good measure. That’s 10 audio brushes in all. Go crazy.

License: These brushes are free to use for commercial and personal purposes, but no re-packaging these and selling them as your own. A credit would be nice if you have the webspace for it, but on the other hand, there’s something kinda romantic about being a well-kept secret.

Crafted with Photoshop CS3.