Free Chinese Social Media Icon Set: Folded Corner Style

China Social Network Icons: Free Set


免费社会媒体图标:I spent a few hours earlier this week poking around for a nice icon set that covered the major Chinese social networks and popular Chinese websites, but couldn’t find one – I extra couldn’t find a plain vector set in black and white, so I’ll be doing one of those as soon as I get a little more time. In terms of sets with a little more color, annoyingly, there only seem to be a few sets out there, and style-wise they all seem to crib off each other mercilessly with very little variation on the presentation of social media logos (though I may just not be looking in the right places).

This rather colorful set includes icons for:
Sina / Sina Weibo
QiYi Video
QQ / Tencent


Axure Widget Library: 128 Black and White Audio Icons for Prototypes & Wireframes

Free Axure Audio Icons Widget Library Preview
I’ve recently started delving into wireframe and web prototype work in Axure, and found the free community libraries very helpful, so I thought I’d grab the source files for an audio icon set I did a while back and release a widget library of my own. This library is based on a premium icon set I released for sale on Graphic River, and is modified for easy import into Axure. If you need the source vector files, you’re welcome to purchase them.

To install this set, download the .rblip file, open Axure, and choose “Load Library…” from the drop-down list in the left-hand widget panel.


Set of 91 Bright, Glossy Button Photoshop Layer Styles

There's a ton more button colors than you can see here - go nuts.

This PSD was inspired by one of my favorite freebies online, Webaly’s design framework for Illustrator. This set comes with 91 bright palette of gloss-button layer styles. Open up the PSD, click on the desired color in the layers palette, copy the layer style and paste it into your own design. Enjoy!


3 Free Photoshop Text Layer Styles – Sticker

Free Photoshop sticker text styles psd

This set includes a Photoshop CS-series compliant *.asl file with 3 peeled sticker layer styles, installation instructions, and a the original *.psd, which will allow you to edit the styles to suit your needs.


Free Photoshop Bamboo Patterns w/ Vector File – 4 Colors

Free Bamboo Pattern Set

This set includes a Photoshop *.pat pattern file with 4 bamboo color combinations, installation instructions, and a vector Illustrator file.


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