Paris in Pictures: Magic, Notre Dame and Bastille Day

Paris, France

Bekka, Gregg, Kyle and I seeing some friends around Bastille Day  


London in Pictures: we miss you, Ian Sherman

London, England

In England for Ian’s wake.  


SouthEast LinuxFest

So, I’m waaay late in reporting on this one, but a few of the Columbia, SC LUG guys and I spent at the first annual Southeast Linux Fest this year, and it was packed with so much perfect frosted dorkery, I came home all, “OHAI <husband>, if time == now then feedKendra(lasagna, salad) or die”.

Kyle nursed me back to English-speaking, pop-culture health with a steady diet of tabloid articles about Kirsty Alley’s weight gain and the horrific blog posts about Duke leaving Freezepop.  


I Heart InMotion

InMotion Hosting rocks my socks. Seriously. They rock my pants off.

After wading through a sickening miasma of forehead-slappingly horrible hosting services, finding InMotion was like coming home to a basket of warm, buttery, PHP5-enabled muffins. It’s like the part at the end of the book where the whole adventuring party is back in the same tavern they started from, and the thief is all, “This story may be over, but our adventure has only just begun!”  


Internet Killed the Radio Star

Posted from: South Carolina

One night, many moons ago, I stood in one of L.A.’s then-wierdest, now-defunct clubs waiting for the next band to be just as bad as the last one. It wasn’t. They were awesome. They were so awesome that I immediately spent the rest of my money on merch, fell madly in love with the bass player, and swore to defend their honor in the face of all foes, using the power of Greyskull as my weapon. It was more than a matter of a cute boy wearing hornrims. It was a magical teenage moment bursting with the warm, fuzzy indie softness of knowing, just knowing, that we were going to be able to say “we saw them before they got big”. The band broke up 2 months later.  

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