Netsuite eCommerce Platform: Perils of the Underdark

Posted from: South Carolina

Supporter of narrative causality that I am, I find it soothingly romantic to imagine that Hell is a tailor-made experience. Covet enough of your neighbor’s Ikea bookshelves, and when you die, the cosmos will reach into the remains of your consciousness, pluck out your greatest fear, and bam, you’re locked in a closet with Tom Cruise for all eternity.

Things I Learned Doing Web Design: Episode 1

When the code you’re handed is kind of shitty, roll it into a ball that’s 250 times heavier than your body weight and bury it.


Why to Unplug the Coder’s Office Phone: A Conversation

Posted from: South Carolina

With a client’s new Drupal-based project specs sitting in my inbox, I did a bucket of research and found an awesome new module that made my toes all tingly. The project deposit burning a hole in my hot little fist, I called the module developers, ready to do anything this side of adultery to buy a copy. And then More Technical Guy answered.

Me: Hi! I’d really love to buy your new Drupal module. I was wondering if you guys do custom scripting? Could you integrate a checkout of some kind? What would be a ballpark quote for that?

Him: Uh…. yeah, we talked about it, but that would be a lot of work.



Papa John’s Pizza Thinks You Like Nipple Clamps

Posted from: South Carolina

That’s right. The development team at Papa John’s, along with the whole marketing department, sat down together and collectively determined that you, at the very least, enjoy a good hard flogging. And then, following that logic, they instituted an online ordering and checkout process that caters exclusively to their masochistic target market.



Grace Photoblog Theme v1.2 – A Review

Posted from: South Carolina

I recently had the pleasure of tossing up a very quick WordPress site as a Christmas present for my mother-in-law, who does some gorgeous South Carolina nature photography. As her client list grows, she made the decision to put down some digital roots over at

We were going for cheap, fast, and simple, simple, simple, so in terms of a design, I settled on the blissfully free Grace Photoblog Theme developed by the UK’s own 7879 Designs.


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